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Learning Opportunities

Please find below a listing of learning opportunities and events for youth-serving professionals.  To have your event listed, email youthnet@hamilton.ca.

Hamilton Youth Engagement Network will meet bi-monthly in 2012 . Please contact Vanessa Werstine at the YMCA Hamilton for more information.

www.mindyourmindpro.ca Youth use the internet and text on their cell phones as primary modes of communication.  Having a mental health professional contact them in this way may help them feel safer in their comfort zone.

Toward Recovery and Well-Being In a step toward changing Canada’s status as the only G8 country without a mental health strategy, the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) released the framework for Canada’s national strategy.

Workplace Mental Health Promotion Guide The purpose of this resource is to provide workplace intermediaries with a high-quality, research-based, practical tool to improve the health of individuals and organizations.

Children's Mental Health Research Quarterly is an excellent newsletter which explains key concepts related to promoting mental health, detecting problems early and providing treatment for mental illness.  Access the newsletters on line or subscribe to receive them via the Simon Fraser University web site